About Us

At Rock Ridge Paintball and Laser Tag Games our mission is to create a family and friends oriented outdoor recreational park focused on the highest standard of excellence pertaining to safety, service, and fun for people of all ages and skill levels.

Opened in 2010, Rock Ridge Paintball and Laser Tag Games has quickly risen to become the top choice among families, sports teams, businesses and paintball players alike.   From our expansive fields, simple and flexible reservations, trained, friendly and helpful staff and much much more, we invite you to come out and try on our brand of the paintball and laser tag experience.  We are committed to providing you, our valued guest with a safe and fun afternoon that fits your event while, at the same time, delivering the best value anywhere!  

Rock Ridge Paintball Games is family owned and operated.  We are proud members of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau and Tourism Saskatchewan and Tourism Saskatoon.  We practice strong business ethics and stand behind our word. 


Our Safety Commitment - Safety is our top priory! 

Rock Ridge considers the safety of our guests and of our employees to be our highest priority.  We are committed to practicing, developing, reviewing and improving on all aspects of safety related to paintball and laser tag games.  We insist that safety is an integral part of the culture created at our facility. 

Unlike any other indoor/outdoor paintball operation in the Saskatoon area Rock Ridge Paintball Games is a fully insured commercial facility!


Rock Ridge and the Environment

Rock Ridge Paintball cares about our environment. We share sensitive space with our neighbors and we aware that as with any outdoor sport activity, we leave a footprint. That’s why we feel it is important to be practical and responsible stewards of our land.


What are they and what are they made of? This is a common question and it stands to reason that if we are shooting thousands of these little objects everyday what kind of mess will it make?  Well, a paintball is a small round capsule similar to bath gels that you drop in the tub only slightly smaller. The capsule itself is made of gelatin. The fill inside the paintball capsule is non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble and biodegradable, usually food coloring and vegetable oil. Click on this link to see a short video about a paintball is made.

Rock Ridge uses only the finest quality paintballs with the best biodegradable properties available.  Rain water generally helps look after washing the paint and shells away leaving almost no trace after a few weeks.

Noise is a footprint too.

We try to ensure that all of the obstacles and bunkers placed around our fields for cover are comprised of materials that possess sound absorbing qualities such as wood and concrete.  Every reasonable consideration is made to reduce reverberation from paintball impact to reduce noise.  We do not use loud air horns or bull horns to start and finish games and strictly adhere to the local noise bylaw. 

In 2010 we planted over 600 trees and continue to add more so that our fields will eventually be surrounded by over 2000 trees to help contain noise from activity.

Protecting wetlands and naturally occurring bush and wildlife

We have created many dedicated pathways through trees and bush with well placed bunkers avoiding the urge to travel off path for cover. Wetlands and sensitive areas will be protected by marked fences or signage and allowed to flourish without evasive activity.

There are many creatures that make our expansive fields home! Anyone caught attempting to harm wildlife, big or small, on our grounds are immediately removed from play and banned from playing at our facility. This is a hard rule and one that is communicated before every game during our safety briefing.

Refuse and Recycling

At Rock Ridge Paintball Games we believe in keeping our entire park clean. Our tidiness is a reflection of our commitment to the high standard of guest satisfaction we strive to achieve. Litter containers and recycle bins are carefully and generously placed around the property to encourage patrons to help us keep our grounds as neat and clean as possible. We recycle everything reasonable.